50 Low-Carb Protein Bar Recipes To Beat Your Cravings

11. Peanut Butter Cup Squares

Peanut Butter Cup Squares

Detailed recipe and credit – lowcarbyum.com

Having sugary, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate and peanut butter dreams? Need to come up with something sweet for the office potluck that won’t doom your diet? Here’s a healthy alternative to sugary Reese’s cups: low-carb protein bars disguised as the classic treat. Sweeteners combine with sugar-free ingredients to make these no-bake bars that everyone will love. Plan for at least an hour in the fridge before cutting into squares—just make sure no one eats them before you get the opportunity! An instant favorite you’ll return to time and time again.

12. Healthy Chocolate Caramel Krispy Treats

Healthy Chocolate Caramel Krispy Treats

Detailed recipe and credit – dessertswithbenefits.com

Similar in construction and taste to Rice Krispy Treats, this low-carb protein bar replaces some of the more unhealthy ingredients commonly found in those cereal bars with healthier alternatives, such as dark chocolate almond butter, coconut oil, and fresh oats. This protein bar idea is great as a meal replacement, a workout booster, and a delicious dessert. What’s most impressive about it compared to other low-carb protein recipes is that it manages to be even healthier than one of the healthiest cereals on the shelf.

13. Mocha Brownie Protein Bars

Mocha Brownie Protein Bars

Detailed recipe and credit – amyshealthybaking.com

This is one of numerous low-carb high protein recipes with a consistency and taste similar to fudge. What differentiates it from ordinary fudge, however, is that it is made from cocoa powder, vanilla protein powder, and coffee, giving it a strong mocha taste. The caffeine derived from the coffee and cocoa powder provides a great boost in energy as well as burning fat, and the vanilla powder and truvia ensure this recipe reaches that perfect balance between bitter and sweet.

14. Homemade Almond Crunch Protein Bars

Homemade Almond Crunch Protein Bars

Detailed recipe and credit – ifoodreal.com

Here is another recipe for nutrient-rich protein bars that can be made without any baking at all. Don’t be alarmed by the high amount of fat: these are healthy fats, necessary for the body’s development, unlike the saturated fats commonly found in similar tasting desserts. Additionally, there are several variations to this recipe, changing the taste or making it more accessible to vegans and other individuals on a low-carb diet. Getting the body’s daily serving of protein has never been more delicious!

15. Almond Butter Coconut Protein Bar

Almond Butter Coconut Protein Bar

Detailed recipe and credit – lowcarbyum.com

Few will be able to resist these scrumptious little low-carb protein bites. An almond butter base is dressed up with sugar-free chocolate and coconut flakes to make holiday party-worthy dessert treats that are also great for everyday snacking. These bites are much smaller than your typical low-carb protein bars, and have fewer carbs per serving—great if you’re struggling with portion control! This recipe uses vanilla-flavored whey protein, but experiment with extracts to find something for every taste. A quick, oven-free indulgence.

16. Gluten Free Red Velvet Protein Bites

Gluten Free Red Velvet Protein Bites

Detailed recipe and credit – nutrifitmama.com

There is something about red velvet that really looks appetizing. Now, these protein bars may deliver the taste and perceived decadence of the classic dessert staple but pack much more in them. The addition of almond meal, coconut oil and dark chocolate ensure that these tasty treats are free of gluten, or excessive sugars and fats in general. The beetroot powder is used for the red coloring, which provides a terrific source of nutrients while being entirely natural making them perfect for a low-carb diet.

17. Homemade Protein Bar

Homemade Protein Bar

Detailed recipe and credit – wholenewmom.com

This is an easy to make low-carb diet recipe that doesn’t require any baking and is grain free. The grain is replaced with seeds and nuts, which help in regulating blood sugar levels. The coconut oil provides a great source of healthy fats. Vegetable glycerine is used as the liquid sweetener for extra low carbs. When an extra dose of protein is needed, simply add protein powder making a rich protein bar snack. Coupled with a rock-simple prep process, this recipe is tough to beat.

18. Candice’s Low Carb Chocolate & Peanut Butter Protein Bars

Candice’s Low Carb Chocolate & Peanut Butter Protein Bars

Detailed recipe and credit – starling-fitness.com

Peanut butter, peanut flour, chocolate protein powder and cocoa powder all combine in this recipe. The result: a sinfully tasty protein bar without any of the sin. This recipe gives a snack that is chewy and has chocolate fudge goodness. The chocolate protein powder comes already sweetened preventing the need to add a sweetener. These natural homemade protein bars give name brand candies a run for their money, especially when comparing the amounts of sugar in them.

19. Low Carb Protein Bars … Working (It) Out

Low Carb Protein Bars … Working (It) Out

Detailed recipe and credit – here

For this recipe, a mixture of cinnamon, dark chocolate and two types of protein powder; whey and pea form a strong, nutrient-rich flavor base. With the addition of yogurt, cinnamon, and roasted wattleseed flavor the result is a nutty taste that makes it one of the best protein bars. For this snack the recipe can be modified with the addition of different nuts, seeds, or nut oils, making this highly customizable and perfect for a variety of diets and palates.

20. Paleo Homemade Protein Bars With Almond Butter

Paleo Homemade Protein Bars With Almond Butter

Detailed recipe and credit – wholeyum.com

This Paleo friendly recipe is so simple, a caveman could make it; that is if he could get his hands on some protein powder. Almond butter, honey, salt, baking soda and an egg are the only other ingredients needed to make these thick, soft, and chewy bars packed with nutrients, fiber and vitamins, not to mention a healthy dose of protein. Preparation and cooking time is under 20 minutes and perfect when hungry or short for cooking time. They last about 2 weeks if refrigerated in an air-tight container.

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