50 Best Low-Carb Lunch Ideas that Will Fill You Up

21. Sweet and Sour Broccoli Salad

Sweet and Sour Broccoli Salad

Detailed recipe and credit – onetwosimplecooking.com

If you’re starting to tire of eating the same boring salads for your low-carb lunch, it’s time to think outside of the box. This “salad” can be served warm and it has all the taste you love from Chinese restaurants. It’s a good break from vinaigrettes or ranch dressings. Best of all, broccoli can be extremely filling and has a surprising amount of protein on a per-calorie basis. There’s no guilt at all in this dish so take a second helping!

22. Rainbow Salad

Rainbow Salad

Detailed recipe and credit – lindawagner.net

Cooking the chicken and roasting the Brussel sprouts for this can be a bit time consuming , but you can double or triple the recipe and store extras in the fridge to easily eat another day. Many people praise the benefits of “eating a rainbow” as it means you’re getting a broad range of nutrients. By assembling the salad in sections rather than tossing it, you also get to see that beautiful rainbow of healthy low-carb foods before you dig in. Beautiful and healthy!

23. Grilled Chicken Salad

Grilled Chicken Salad

Detailed recipe and credit – redstartolonestar.blogspot.hu

The grilled chicken salad is the perfect staple for those who want a carb-free lunch, since it has both vegetables and protein. This recipe takes a twist on the classic Nicoise salad – it has the hard boiled eggs and potatoes you’d expect in a Nicoise, but it uses chicken instead of tuna and radishes instead of green beans. By taking a favorite recipe and giving it a few tweaks, you’ll never get bored. Give this one a try soon!

24. Pizza Frittata

Pizza Frittata

Detailed recipe and credit – rachaelraymag.com

Anyone who follows a strict low-carb diet is going to miss having pizza from time to time.  You definitely need something to satisfy that craving! This recipe might not be the same as something you’d get from your favorite pizzeria, but it has some of the taste you’re looking for while being a lot healthier. Instead of a doughy crust, this makes use of a frittata as the base- how interesting! Save some time by using a store-bought pizza sauce rather than making your own. See our top 50 delicious low-carb pasta recipes you’ll love to combine with lunch.

25. Goat Cheese & Spinach Salad Bowl

Goat Cheese & Spinach Salad Bowl

Detailed recipe and credit – ketodietapp.com

Nothing says summer like a perfectly ripe strawberry. While you probably don’t need an excuse to eat this low-carb fruit, you might need a bit of prodding to eat your greens. Adding strawberries to a salad spinach salad along with a fruity vinaigrette will have you begging for more. Even better, this recipe show you how to create a bowl made from shredded cheese. You can finish the meal by eating the bowl!

26. Low-Carb Chicken Quesadilla

Low-Carb Chicken Quesadilla

Detailed recipe and credit – tasteaholics.com

Store-bought products definitely make it easy to follow a low-carb diet. Search your grocery store for low carb tortillas which are an excellent stand-in for bread products. Case in point – this delicious chicken quesadilla. Melted cheese adds the flavor you want to make lunch more satisfying but the chicken is what will keep you full. Check the labels when you buy low-carb wraps as some have more protein or more carbs than others, which can be a concern if you’re following a strict plan.

27. Low-Carb Chili

Low-Carb Chili

Detailed recipe and credit – the-lowcarb-diet.com

Chili is one of the ultimate comfort foods but like most comfort foods, it’s pretty high in carbohydrates. That won’t work if you’re looking for a low carb lunch – unless you try out this recipe, that is. Made without the beans that would normally increase the carb count, this recipe tastes so good you won’t miss the ingredients that have been omitted. Top it with shredded cheese for some extra yumminess.

28. Low-Carb Hummus

Low-Carb Hummus

Detailed recipe and credit – ibreatheimhungry.com

Traditional hummus is made from chickpeas but it’s becoming more common to see variations made from black beans or edamame. Those are all still beans however and high in carbohydrates- not friendly for a low carb diet!. This bean-free version of hummus is the perfect solution for a no carb lunch. It’s made from raw zucchini, but still has much of the taste and texture you’d expect from hummus. Eat this with plenty of raw veggies or use it as a healthy spread for a low carb wrap sandwich.

29. Vietnamese Cauli-Fried Rice

Vietnamese Cauli-Fried Rice

Detailed recipe and credit – theurbanposer.com

When you eat this carb-free lunch, you’ll feel like you’re taking a trip from around the world. A blend of sausage, shrimp, onions, carrots, asparagus, and eggs mixes with faux rice made with cauliflower. However, it is the dressing that gives the dish its Vietnamese flair. This seasoning is based on fish sauce which is a unique taste you will love and you won’t miss the traditional rice.

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30. Low-Carb Broccoli Salad

Low-Carb Broccoli Salad

Detailed recipe and credit – the-lowcarb-diet.com

Plenty of filling broccoli? Check. Bacon? Check. Onions? Check. A creamy dressing? Check. What’s not to love about this filling low-carb lunch? The great thing about a creamy broccoli salad like this one is that you can completely customize it to your liking. If you want something vegetarian, leave out the bacon. If you want a bit more color, add other vegetables. Use this basic recipe as a starting point for your own imagination- the possibilities are endless!

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