Julian Bakery InstaKetones Review: Does It Work?

Supplementing Ketones?

There’s little argument that being in ketosis – the metabolic state where your body burns fat for fuel – is incredibly healthy. Exogenous ketones, like Instaketones, trick your body into entering ketosis, giving you a boost of energy and ketones weight loss, but do they work?

What are exogenous ketones?

Sometimes called BHB (betahydroxybuterate) salts, or ketone salts, exogenous ketones are essentially just betahydroxybuterate bound to a salt, like sodium. This makes it so your body absorbs them well, and mimics the state of ketosis reasonably quickly. Like drinking a cup of strong coffee, they provide a quick burst of energy, focus, and if taken regularly while following a ketogenic diet, will aid in weight loss.

Because of how popular the ketogenic diet is currently, there are many different ketone salt supplements available like Julian Bakery’s InstaKetones. A BHB salts ketogenic supplement like InstaKetones will trigger your body to enter ketosis, burning fat instead of carbs.

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When in ketosis, your blood sugar stays stable as does insulin, and ketosis is appetite-suppressing. Combined, these two effects provide the mental clarity and weight loss aspects you’ve heard about.

The energy boost comes because your body can use ketones instead of sugar for fuel, so what you end up with when supplementing ketone salts is a quick burst of focused, clean energy.

Insta Ketones: pros and cons

With a wide variety of ketone salt supplements on the market – along with a slew of InstaKetones reviews – what makes Julian Bakery’s brand superior to the other available brands? Like ketosis itself, they offer multiple associated benefits, and when used in conjunction with a ketogenic diet, the effects are compounded.

InstaKetones® Orange Burst 11.7g GoBHB® Per Scoop (Caffeine Free) (15 Servings) Exogenous Ketones .62 lbs


  • Better ability to focus and think
  • Rapid, sustainable weight loss
  • Appetite suppression
  • Better recovery from exercise
  • Quick, clean energy that won’t spike blood sugar or insulin
  • Convenient, ready-to-mix powder
  • Better, deeper sleep

Julian Bakery’s BHB salts ketogenic supplements come in a variety of flavors and mix well with water or other drinks. That said, they’re not very good, taste-wise. Ketones don’t taste good to begin with, and when bound to a salt, they get even less appealing. That’s the major downside to both these and other brands of ketone salts – they simply don’t taste good, no matter how they’re flavored. In addition:

InstaKetones® 11.7g GoBHB® Per Protein Bar (Orange Burst) (Caffeine-Free) (12 Bars) Exogenous Ketones


  • Ketone supplements are not miracle drugs – they aid weight loss, but they aren’t going to fix it by themselves
  • Ketone salts aren’t as fast-acting as other ketone supplements, though they are better absorbed
  • Availability isn’t extremely widespread yet – these are mostly going to be accessible online, through a handful of health stores and Amazon. Though this isn’t a huge problem, for some it might be an issue

Judging Julian Bakery’s range of ketone products are a safe bet if you’re new to the keto diet, or new to supplementing ketone powder in general. The three main criteria in an InstaKetones review are energy boost, mental boost, and weight loss, as these are the three biggest claims Julian Bakery makes with their product.

How does it stack up?

InstaKentones review:

  • Energy – true to the claim, InstaKetones provide a quick burst of energy within about half an hour of consumption. In addition, they can be bought with or without caffeine, which can add to this jolt of energy
  • Mental clarity – ketosis, in general, helps you focus, and though InstaKetones do provide some level of mental clarity, it’s significantly less than what you’d experience just being in ketosis due to diet. That said, it’s a nice boost when the afternoon is taking forever at work!
  • Weight loss – it’s difficult to quantify weight lost from a product like this, compared to overall weight loss, but when coupled with a ketogenic diet, the effects can be profound. More specific to this ketone salt supplement, there is a solid appetite-suppressing effect, so it does stand to reason that InstaKetones are good for weight loss


There are of course other brands out there, all offering the same product and touting the same results. No InstaKetones reviews would be complete without looking at competitors! How do they measure up? Let’s take a look:

Keto OS Orange Dream BHB salts ketogenic supplement

Keto OS Orange Dream is like an orange dreamsicle, and honestly, it’s not half bad. Though it’s still got the salty bitterness that you’re always going to have when you’re drinking ketones, the overall flavor is better and the sweetness feels less jarring. Though this doesn’t make them the BEST exogenous ketones, it’s certainly a new twist.

KETO//OS Orange Dream 2.1 CHARGED, BHB Salts Ketogenic Supplement - Beta Hydroxybutyrates Exogenous Ketones for Fat Loss, Workout Energy Boost and Weight Management through Fast Ketosis, 5 Sachets

Keto OS BHB ketones:

  • Energy – These actually deliver a good burst of energy, and the best part is there’s no harsh dropoff or crash later
  • Mental clarity – I found there to be no difference between the mental clarity I experienced on these vs any other BHB ketones
  • Weight loss – Again, it’s difficult to quantify overall weight loss, but being on a ketogenic eating plan, like the InstaKetones diet, will improve these effects

Instaketones vs Keto OS

Keto OS definitely tastes a bit better, but the mental burst of energy along with sustained energy from the InstaKetones was a much more profound effect. Depending on if flavor matters more to you than efficacy, I would say InstaKetones worked a bit better if you’re considering InstaKetones vs Keto OS.

KetonD Review

KetonD is another brand of keto drink mix, and they’re very highly rated. One of their biggest selling points is the wide variety of flavors, and they definitely do that well. Let’s dive into our experience:

  • Energy – Wow, so these really did provide quick energy, and definitely faster than any of the other products. It also aided in workout recovery quite well
  • Mental clarity – I didn’t feel more focused with this supplement, just a bit more jittery. It was great for working out, but not if I were trying to focus on work or writing
  • Weight loss – The way this positively affected my workout and recovery, I can see this brand being particularly useful in aiding weight loss

Ketond Advanced Ketone Supplement - 11.7g of goBHB per Serving (30 Servings) - #1 Rated BHB (Beta-HydroxyButyrate) Supplement for Weight Loss, Increased Energy, Focus & Fat Loss (Tigers Blood)

InstaKetones: Hype or helpful?

InstaKetones provide good energy, great focus, and, if you’re following a ketogenic or InstaKetones diet, you’ll experience sustained weight loss, too. Adding ketone salts to your weight loss plan can really help, and the metabolic state of ketosis will probably prove to be highly therapeutic for a wide variety of lifestyle diseases in the coming years.

Are Insta Ketones the best exogenous ketones? It depends on what matters most to you in a supplement. If you want added weight loss and mental clarity, they’re great. If you’re looking for some energy to get you through a sleepy day, they function fantastically. If, however, you’re looking for something exceptional for exercise and recovery, there are better brands, and if taste matters, there are definitely other options.